Terms Of Use:

AuthorityBacklinks offers press release distribution and link building services. After receiving the entire payment, we will begin providing our services and campaigns. In order to use our services, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.


Depending on the plan, AuthorityBacklinks will carry out the following SEO tasks:

  • Create both textual and visual content, such as article layout and blogs.
  • Create and submit a report detailing your placements and submissions.
  •  Increase your site’s visibility rom published content and media.
  •  Write compelling guest post and news stories for articles.


  • Our link building packages does not include SEO or keyword consulting services.
  •  No one outside our company will ever learn about the specifics of our client agreements. AuthorityBacklinks and the first person client are the only parties to this agreement.
  • To guarantee optimal results, AuthorityBacklinks may restrict modifications to anchor texts and order specifics.
  • We cannot promise a link will always work on a particular blog or website. We put out solid efforts to keep up a healthy link profile.
  • Orders for repeating link building packages may be canceled and refunded only during the first 2 days. After 2 days, the team will have already begun the campaign, therefore cancellation requests won’t be honored.
  • In the event that a third party site makes a claim against the client’s website, AuthorityBacklinks will not be responsible for any resulting damages or losses (whether direct or indirect). You, the consumer, are solely responsible for any losses that may arise.
  • AuthorityBacklinks disclaims any responsibility for any harm caused by a client’s website being removed from a directory, blog, or other website due to a change in search engine policies.
  • We cannot promise improved rankings for certain terms because our SEO services are contracted out. We will not be responsible for any modifications that may occur after we publish backlinks.
  •  We do not offer pre-approval services for placements. There will be an additional fee for pre-approval if the client insists on it. Due to data privacy concerns, we cannot release a complete list of blogs that have been pre-approved. We both have the same amount of blogs that the customer requested. We ask that the client offer a reasonable justification for their dislike while providing feedback.
  •  In the event that your order is rejected for irrelevant reasons, we will not provide any more recommendations. Instead, We will complete your transaction using ethical, white-hat link building strategies. Since the outreach and link acquisition teams have already spent work on this, we cannot give a refund at this time.
  • Customers adore us since they know the links will always be high-quality and they don’t have to do anything to approve their placement.


  • We never disclose any customer information to anyone without their express permission, and even then, only for the purpose of completing the contracted service.
  • Your independent agreement upholds the legality of the AuthorityBacklinks and client’s electronic agreement.
  • Unless AuthorityBacklinks and the client both sign a separate written NDA, this agreement will not be treated as confidential.


    •  If the customer is proven to be engaging in unlawful or objectionable websites or industries, the agreement will be voided as a matter of ethics.
    • It would be a breach of confidentiality if a customer attempted to contact our publishing connections or team directly. We can either stop working with the client or alter the parameters of our engagement.
    •  Client shall be accountable for consequential loss if content is determined to promote hate, racism, animal mistreatment, product, or defamation aimed at any person, community, or institution.
    If you have questions concerning the specifics of your order, please don’t hesitate to contact and get in touch with us at support@authoritybacklinks.net
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